Auto Injury

A car accident is unfortunate and always unexpected. And while some people experience pain and various other symptoms immediately after an auto accident injury, the injuries sustained by others may take days or weeks to impact their daily routine or quality of life. At Harrison Chiropractic Center, Dr. Andrew Harrison and his staff of professionals offer relief from chronic or acute pain after an automobile accident.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

Most people involved in a car crash will likely experience an injury to their musculoskeletal system. Examples include-
- Whiplash
- Strains/Sprains
- Ligament/Tendon Tears
- Dislocation/Herniation of bones, and more.

Auto Accident Injury Symptoms


Whiplash refers to a neck injury/condition typically resulting from a sudden and intense impact when hit from behind. This shocking and often startling collision has the potential to whip a driver or a passenger’s head back and forth, violently or uncontrollably. The intensity of these motions can strain neck muscles and damage soft tissue, often the root cause of ongoing pain and stiffness. Typical whiplash symptoms include –
- Numbness through either/both arms/hands
- Lightheadedness
- A reduction in the neck’s mobility/range of motion

Other Musculoskeletal Injuries Caused By a Car Accident

Other injuries that may result from a car crash include chronic pain, stiffness, weakness, numbness, and a loss of mobility across the upper/lower back, shoulder, leg, and knee areas. In addition to soft tissue injuries (bruising/contusions/swelling), a car accident may cause-
- Dislocations or fractures of joints/bone – which can happen in any part of the body
- Ligament/tendon strains & sprains
- Muscle strains
-Herniated discs or spinal cord injuries

Chiropractic Techniques to Treat an Auto Accident Injury

Choosing to see a chiropractor for a professional evaluation after an automobile mishap or crash offers you important peace of mind, plus the opportunity to treat an existing yet unmanifested auto accident injury.

These are some of the available chiropractic manipulation and adjustments that can treat auto accident injuries to the body and extremities that include –
- The Palmer Package – applying various adjustments that include these methodologies –
                  - The Gonstead Technique
                  - Diversified & Activator Methods
- Physiotherapy Options include–
                 - Electric Muscle Stimulation
                 - Ultrasound Therapy
                 - Cryotherapy
                 - Moist Heat
                 - Intersegmental Traction
- Cervical & Lumbar Decompression
- Massage Therapy

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