Sports Injury

For athletes, sports injuries are more or less part of the game. If you or a loved one participates in sports, muscle strain, subluxations, and various other issues will likely crop up from time to time. This is true even if you don’t play contact sports. The good news is that you may be able to secure relief by working with a sports chiropractor. If you need assistance with sports injuries and live in or near McHenry, IL, get in touch with the Harrison Chiropractic Center. Dr. Andrew Harrison has helped many local athletes recover from injuries and boost their athletic performance.

Treating Sports Injuries

Before treating a sports-related injury, it’s important to understand why it occurred and the nature of your aches and pains. Custom treatment plans tailored to your specific situation produce the best results and could reduce the risk of future problems.

Chiropractic adjustments often prove to be among the most effective treatments for sports injuries. Chiropractic adjustment helps ensure that the spine is in proper alignment. With the Palmer Package and various techniques, including Activator methods and Gonstead treatment, it may be possible to address issues not only in the back and neck, but also in your extremities. You can work with a chiropractor to pin down the specific treatments most likely to produce the best results.

The best part about chiropractic care is arguably not just that it provides pain relief, but also, can spur healing. This means you may recover your pre-injury level of performance. The sooner you get in touch, with the Harrison Chiropractic Center in McHenry, IL, the quicker you can get back to beating out the competition.

Sports Injuries May be Unavoidable but They Can Be Reduced

You may not be able to avoid every sports-related injury if you’re playing your hardest. That said, the right exercises can help build strength in key parts of your body. Specific stretches can also reduce the risk of overexertion and other issues.

Further, the right nutritional supplements and dietary adjustments could also help. If you or your loved ones play sports, it is time to work with a chiropractor. If you need help with sports injuries in McHenry, IL, visit the Harrison Chiropractic Center. Call 815 344 1025 to schedule an appointment and start your journey to healing.

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