Headache Relief

While headaches can happen for a number of reasons, the source of any headache has to do with your nervous system in some way. Chiropractic care has the ability to target the root cause of a headache and improve it, thus helping your headache without the need for any unnatural treatments. Before you schedule an appointment, we encourage you to better understand how chiropractic care from Dr. Andrew Harrison of Harrison Chiropractic Center, serving McHenry, IL, and the nearby region, can benefit you. 

General Information 

You already know what a headache is if you ended up on our page. It differs from a migraine because it doesn't tend to be as intense, and it's a different type of pain. Not to mention, headaches aren't associated with a sensitivity to light or sound, like a migraine. 

A headache may come on if you get an infection and will subside once the infection clears. For people who have allergies, the symptoms may arise whenever they're exposed to their allergen. Other individuals may experience headaches as a result of a lack of nutrients, hormonal changes, tension in the tissue surrounding the skull, or as referred pain from a problem in the neck. 

Diagnosing Headaches 

When you first come into our McHenry, IL, office, our chiropractor will have you fill out a medical history report. It will help our practitioner determine the cause of your headaches in some cases. In others, it might help our chiropractor craft a treatment that is safe for you. 

Once you're in our care, our practitioner will ask you questions about your headaches, such as their frequency and intensity. Our practitioner will want to know if you've seen a correlation between an activity or food and the onset of your headaches. 

If we have any fears your headaches could indicate a serious problem that's outside of our wheelhouse, we'll refer you to a specialist for further testing to see if your headaches could be more than a nutrient deficiency.  

Treating Headaches 

Part of your treatment may consist of our practitioner recommending diet changes to stop the headaches or correct a nutrient deficiency that may be a contributing factor. 

One of the more common treatments is spinal adjustment. Typically, you'll need several to see the optimal results. During this treatment, we restore nervous system function, which has the potential to ease the stress on your nervous system and ultimately reduce your headache pain. 

When you visit Dr. Harrison of Harrison Chiropractic Center, serving McHenry IL, and the general vicinity, you receive relief from headaches that gets to the source, never masking your pain. Chiropractic care is also known to cause few side effects, and you can use it along with other treatments. 

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